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National Safety Month

NOTICE | JUNE 18, 2020

June is National Safety Month® and our hope here at HCP is that we can help keep you safe year-round. The National Safety Council annually observes safety initiatives that focus on saving lives and preventing injuries both in and out of the workplace. We’re very excited to share their latest ‘safety tips’ for 2020!

Their topics of focus for this year include mental health, ergonomics, and driving. Please check out the following articles on how to keep yourself safe both in and out of the workplace during COVID-19.

Here are 3 great articles that we think can help you and your loved ones stay safe year-round:

COVID-19 pandemic: Tips to remain ‘sane and safe’ during social distancing   and-safe-during-social-distancing

Working from Home? Keep Ergonomics in Mind!

Sharing the Roads Safely