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Re-credentialing Guide

HCP’s Re-credentialing Process

HCP requires our providers to undergo re-credentialing every three years in order to maintain the strict standards that come with maintaining a high-quality network.

You will receive a re-credentialing package in the mail approximately four months prior to your credential’s expiration, or you can download the packet below.

Once completed, you can send completed documents to:

Fax: (516) 515-8843



Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) universal application

It is important for you to review your Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) universal application to ensure that all information has been re-attested to and is current. Your information on the CAQH should include:

  • Current office location(s)
  • Updated malpractice claims history
  • Updated copies of New York State License, Drug Enforcement Agency certification, and  proof of malpractice insurance coverage with the application

Not registered with CAQH?

Register with CAQH to expedite data collection and maintenance to support, credentialing, directory services, claims administration, and more.

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Join our IPA and gain access to tools and supports that help to keep you independent.

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