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Referrals and Prior Authorizations
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HealthCare Partners utilizes a network of thousands of Preferred Specialist providers across its entire geography — from Staten Island to Montauk — who require NO Prior Authorization or Referral Number to see HealthCare Partners patients in the office setting.

Learn how to refer your patients to HCP Preferred Specialists and when/if Prior Authorization is needed for office-based services.

Overview of Referrals and Prior Authorizations

Referral to a Preferred Specialist is easy. No referrals or authorizations are needed for PCP-to-Preferred Specialist referrals, nor for Preferred Specialist-to-Preferred Specialist referrals.

Specialist Referral Process

Referring your patients to one of the more than 5000 Preferred Specialist physicians is easy and requires no formal Referral or Authorization number.

Prior Authorization Process

In some cases, a prior authorization may be required. Find out here what requires an authorization and the steps needed to properly fill out and submit your request to HCP.