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Home-Based Medical Assessments

HCP partners with a number of vendors to provide in-home assessments for our members that need their annual comprehensive exams, have preventative screenings that need to be completed or for your patients that are home bound and find it difficult to get into your office.

In-home medical assessments are becoming more and more popular, and are actually preferred by some HCP members.

As part of our health assessment program, a nurse practitioner or clinician will meet with members in their home environment to assess current health status, address needed quality measures, and to discuss any health related questions. Additional education on medical conditions and on ways to stay healthy will be provided, in addition to coordination of any identified immediately necessary follow up care.

During the visit, the examiner will:

  • Ask questions about their health and provide related health information
  • Complete a medical examination and identify urgent health problems
  • Ensure the member is up to date with recommended screenings
  • Draw blood for analysis as necessary for healthcare screening measures
  • Outline a list of items to discuss with you as their primary care physician (PCP)

Establishing a relationship with you as their PCP is one of the most important steps patients can take for their health. This assessment is meant to support that goal, not replace it. The members will be instructed to get annual checkups and to follow up with you as needed for all medical conditions.

This visit from this clinician does not replace already scheduled appointments for your patients or with any other healthcare provider. The results of this health assessment will be shared with you as their PCP.