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Contact your Provider Relations Specialist

HCP is proud to offer the resources of our skilled Provider Relations Team to your offices.

These talented individuals serve as a face-to-face liaison between you and HCP. Our team will assist in addressing any of your questions, provide hands-on training and support, and link you to other HCP-based resources. Our Provider Relations Team can assist with all of your administrative, clinical, and quality needs.

Each Provider Relations Specialist serves offices in a specific geographical area, as noted below. 

Provider Network Consultants

Theresa Maltz
(516) 515-8859

Carmen Galvan
(516) 509-0525

Shivon Lyttle
(516) 509-7175

Daniela Valencia
(516) 701-4259

Provider Relations Specialists

Nassau County

Ralph Ross
(516) 287-4780

Suffolk County

Paula Braband
(516) 838-7001


Licet Matos
(516) 310-2484

North & Central Brooklyn

Shivon Lyttle
(516) 509-7175

South Brooklyn

Susan Richards
(516) 913-3261

Bronx, Manhattan, Westchester & Staten Island

Daniela Valencia
(516) 701-4259

Kalilou Kane
(516) 269-1757