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Contact your Provider Relations Specialist

HCP is proud to offer the resources of our skilled Provider Relations Team to your offices.

These talented individuals serve as a face-to-face liaison between you and HCP. Our team will assist in addressing any of your questions, provide hands-on training and support, and link you to other HCP based resources. Together with the Quality Field Specialists, our teams can assist with all of your administrative, clinical, and quality needs.

Each Provider Relations Specialist serves offices in a specific geographical area, as noted below. 

Priscilla Ortega
N.Manhattan/Bronx/ Westchester
(516) 306-3276

Alex Negron
E. Nassau
(516) 306-1717

Aileen Raskin
W. Suffolk
(516) 269-1754

Florence Duggins
S. Queens
(516) 606-4730

Bobby Singh
Staten Island/S. Manhattan
(divided by 125th Street)
(516) 287-1540

Ralph Ross
W. Nassau
(516) 287-4780

Paula Braband
E. Suffolk
(516) 838-7001

Antonia Henry
N. Queens
(516) 941-5667

Adam Abraham
Central Brooklyn
(516) 491-9302

Shivon Lyttle
N. Brooklyn
(516) 509-7175

Talia Cumberbatch
S. Brooklyn
(516) 838-7025