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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple:

HCP is a physician-led, physician-centric independent practice association. We help our providers deliver care in the most timely and efficient way possible. This ensures patient outcomes are optimized; those who are healthy stay healthy, while those with chronic illness avoid disease progression.

To help our providers remain independent, we support great quality care, a decrease in administrative burden and strong financial opportunities.

We accomplish our goals by focusing our efforts on three key strategies:

•  Our clinical and non-clinical staff focuses heavily on supporting our providers’ needs

•  Our market-leading data systems identify patient needs early in the disease process to give providers the best opportunity to manage even the most complex patients’ care (often with our assistance)

•  We support providers in real-time with teams of clinical staff ready to meet patient, quality, and administrative needs

Keeping patients healthy and stable, and thus avoiding preventable hospital care, leads to overall success, and allows for reinvestment in provider practices through a variety of incentive programs to help you to remain independent.

Our strategic efforts include:

•  Lowering hospital utilization through early intervention

•  Encouraging appropriate use of specialty care in our Specialist Provider Network

•  Excellent high-risk patient management with telephonic and face-to-face support

•  Injectable Pharmacy oversight through drug decision and delivery management

•  Improved PCP Practice outcomes with a focused Quality team and detailed outcomes reporting

We encourage participation in the leadership of our organization through regular county-specific Physician Advisory dinners that allow for bi-directional communication and feedback. Additionally, we host Office Manager morning meetings, as we believe that behind every quality practice is a strong informed Office Manager.

To celebrate the great work of our IPA, we recognize our Providers and Office Managers through the annual HCP Quality Physicians of the Year and Office Managers of the Year recognition awards.