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Prior Authorization – Lab and Pathology Services

HealthCare Partners has a preferred in-network laboratory contract with Quest Diagnostics and their affiliate, Ameripath, for outpatient lab testing. It’s important to refer your patients to an in-network laboratory. 

Here’s why: Maximum coverage & minimum cost

Out-of-network lab services are not covered under our members’ benefit plans. When referred to Quest Diagnostics, a member receives the maximum plan benefit and a lower out-of-pocket expense.

Data for our condition management programs

Data from out-of-network testing is not available for our disease management programs. This may result in inaccurate reporting and the possibility of practitioners and/or members being told that a member needs testing when it may have already been completed.

To establish an account, call 1 (866) 697-8378 (select option 1, and then option 8).

Quest Diagnostics has developed a tool, Care360®, to order lab tests and get results from Quest Diagnostics at no cost to you. Register for Care360 at: 

Quest Diagnostics has a full list of standard and specialty lab tests. Many tests are comparable to specialty lab tests, please visits to search Quest Diagnostics full test menu.

Remind your patients that they can find one of the 2,200 Patient Service Centers by calling 866-MYQUEST (866-697-8378).

To establish an account, call

  • 1 (800) 553-6621 (for dermatopathology services)
  • 1 (866) 436-9631 (for hematopathology, cytogenetics, gastroenterology and urology services)

If you have any questions about our participating laboratories, please contact HealthCare Partners at (516) 746-2200.

Genetic Testing

All genetic testing services can be obtained through Quest Diagnostics Lab, and require Prior Authorization prior to submission of any specimens for testing. Quest arranges for transfer of specimens to appropriate reference labs if specific approved tests cannot be performed directly by Quest.

A request for Prior Authorization may be submitted to HCP in one of two ways.

  1. The preferred and most efficient way to submit a Prior Authorization (PA) request is via the HCP Web-based data interface, EZ-Net.

    Login credentials for EZ-Net are required. Learn More

  2. PA requests may also be submitted via FAX by sending a completed request form to 888-746-6433 or 516-746-6433.

View and download a printable copy of HCP’s Authorization Request form here.