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Our Centralized Engagement Team – Customer Service when you need it!

The Centralized Engagement Center (CEC) handles approximately 60,000 inbound calls per month. Our team works hand-in-hand to support our main priorities – our providers and members. The CEC is made up of four teams:

Customer Service

  • Handle inquiries on authorizations/claims/ eligibility
  • Educate/assist callers on navigation of HCP protocols
  • Aid with demographic updates/corrections
  • Fulfill requests for copies of explanation of benefits
  • Help modify existing referrals
  • Search for participating providers

PAL Team – 24/7

  • Direct callers to appropriate Clinical Services/Medical Management resources
  • Schedule appointments
  • Conduct member outreach calls
  • Expedite urgent referral calls
  • Handle post ER discharge follow-up calls
  • Connect physicians on peer-to-peer calls

Customer Resolution Specialists

  • Resolve escalated provider claim, authorization, referral, & eligibility issues
  • Provide EZ-Net & provider portal support & guidance
  • Respond to member and provider email inquiries

Corporate Operators

  • Connect inbound callers from our corporate telephone number with the appropriate HCP associate or department
Not sure who to call?  Start with Customer Service and we will direct you.
1 (800) 877 -7587