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Community Resources

Community-based services are agencies that offer case management support such as drug treatment, mental health treatment, food pantries, companion and aide services, housing services, Medicaid application assistance, and postnatal services in a community setting.

When working with our members, our social workers identify when social determinants of health are present, and make appropriate referrals to community-based agencies that can address these non-clinical needs.

If you have a patient that could benefit from a social work referral, such as members with chronic medical conditions, social determinants of health, limited social supports, and/or are homebound, you can fill out our Referral for Social Work Services and email the completed form to or send the completed form via fax to (516) 394-5665.

Once received, one of our social workers will reach out to your patient to discuss their needs and offer options that are available to them.

In order to ensure that your patients are aware of community health care services available in the New York and Long Island area, a Community Resource Guide has been developed for providers to reference listing local resources such as food and nutrition, medical needs, legal services, housing, and transportation.