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Managing Your Medications

Managing medications can be tricky – especially if you take multiple prescription drugs to treat different conditions. Proper management of your medications will help you to achieve your treatment goals, improve your quality of life, and can prevent complications related to medication use.

Your Pharmacist and Doctor can help!

Be sure to discuss common concerns with your pharmacist or doctor, such as:

  • Overwhelmed by too many medications or doses per day
  • Concerns about side effects or forgetfulness
  • Feeling like your medication is not helping
  • Cost concerns
  • Transportation
  • Refill request delays

Tips for Success

Here are some tips to help keep you healthy:

  • Take medications as directed by your doctor
  • Be watchful of side effects and drug interactions
  • Get refills on time

You can request 90-day supplies for your long-term medications & at-home delivery.