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Group Medical Malpractice Insurance

We are pleased to announce that the Medical Malpractice Insurance Program launched in February 2019 has resulted in an average savings of 33% for participating physicians – with 100% of the savings going directly to you, our providers!

The program is administered by CBIZ Insurance Services, Inc., who has over 25 years of experience in building successful insurance group purchasing programs. They are ensuring our program will:

  • Save money on your premiums, without sacrificing quality coverage
  • Provide coverage through a financially strong and highly respected carrier
  • Relentlessly defend your reputation

It’s a good time to assess your needs and determine whether or not changing carriers is right for you.

Next Steps

We encourage you to evaluate the benefit, quality coverage, and discount this program will offer you.

If you would like to see what our program can save you, please send a copy of your current policy Declaration pages to

For questions, please email HealthCare Partners at or call our Customer Engagement Center at (800) 877-7587.