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Spread the Word: February is American Heart Month


February is American Heart Month, a national movement to improve the cardiovascular health of all Americans. As a health care provider, you are aware of the dangers of hypertension. Increased risk for heart disease, stroke, and other negative effects on health outcomes are avoidable when patients are empowered to take control of their heart health.

Resources for your Patients

Print and share these handouts with patients to help take control of their high blood pressure. These resources provide strategies to maintain a healthy heart and health indicators to be conscious of.

Healthy Hearts

Patients should understand and use these numbers to set goals, which may help reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke.

Heart Failure Zones

It is important for your patients to check what zone their heart is in every day and review their symptoms to determine if they are at the goal zone, warning zone or if they need to contact their cardiologist.