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Coronavirus Disease (COVID – 19): Covered Telehealth Services

NOTICE | MARCH 19, 2020

Effective March 6, 2020 and for the duration of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

During this current state of emergency, patients should be treated through telehealth including telephonically where ever possible to avoid member congregation with potentially sick patients. Telehealth will be covered for all appropriate services for all patients appropriate to treat though this modality. However, telephonic services are only to be rendered for the care of established patients or the legal guardian of the established patient.

Telephonic evaluation and management services must be provided by a physician, nurse practitioner or physcians assistant, actively enrolled in the applicable governmental or commercial program.  As with any service, proper documentation in the patient’s medical record is required.

Relevant Telephonic Evaluation and Management Services by a physician or other qualified health care provider CPT codes are as follows:

99441   5-10 minutes of medical discussion

99442   11-20 minutes of medical discussion

99443   21-30 minutes of medical discussion

The rates for these codes will be paid per your contractual agreement.