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Healthcare Aware Video Series

The Healthcare Aware ongoing video series, hosted by George Ingram, strives to educate consumers on how the healthcare systems operate. Various guest speakers will join George to share insights on current industry trends and how they will affect consumers.

Vaccines: Development & Distribution

This informative discussion between Lisa Boodram, Pharm. D., Clinical Pharmacist and host George Ingram provides a clear understanding of why vaccines are so important in our fight against deadly viruses and the steps you can take to protect yourself and others from becoming ill.

The Impact of COVID-19 on Your Daily Life

Dr. Joseph Cervia, an infectious disease physician, answers important questions posed by host George Ingram on how to effectively deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn everything from who is most at risk from this respiratory disease to how to best protect yourself from it.

Quality of Physicians

Gary McCollin, Hospital Director of Medical Staff Services and host George Ingram discuss the meaning of credentialing and why it is of utmost importance to patients under a doctor’s care.

Demystifying Pandemics

Join Dr. Joseph S. Cervia, an infectious disease physician, as he shares important insights into the current Coronavirus pandemic with host George Ingram. Hear how we have learned from past outbreaks such as the Spanish flu, and how we all play a role in controlling current and future pandemics.

Health Care Insurance Options in America 

David Madover, healthcare specialist, explains the various types of health insurance coverage available to the public along with their associated costs during his discussion with host George Ingram.

Healthcare Marketing 

Host George Ingram and Jacqueline LoCastro, Health Care Marketing Professional, discuss how consumers are more involved in their own healthcare decisions as a result of direct healthcare marketing that surrounds us in our daily lives.

Clinical Trials

Dr. Aloysius Cuyjet, Cardiologist shares his insights with host George Ingram on the importance of clinical trials and the resulting impact felt by participants, their families, and the population at large.

Kidney Disease & Treatment

Kidney disease occurs when your kidneys are damaged and can’t filter blood as needed. Join Dr. Darren Kaufman, Nephrologist and host George Ingram as they discuss who is at the greatest risk for this disease, the most common treatments available, and how to take an active role in your health care.

Men & Women’s Wellness

Learn how a variety of diseases can be avoided and treated as Dr. Neeta Shah and host George Ingram discuss the true meaning of how to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Comfort Health Care

Approximately 98% of people who go on hospice never have to leave their home, providing them with the quality of life and comfort care they deserve. Join Rene Hauszpiegel, RN, as she discusses the many benefits of hospice care with host George Ingram, such as 24/7 pain and symptom management. Rene also highlights the importance of creating a health care proxy to ensure individual’s health care wishes are honored.

Estate Planning & Aging

Learn about important documents that can literally change your life for the better. Join Britt Burner, Esq., Elder Law Attorney and host George Ingram as they discuss estate planning and aging and the documents that can help and protect you on your life journey.

Heart Disease in America

Join Dr. Aloysius Cuyjet, Cardiologist as he speaks with host George Ingram about the most common forms of heart disease in addition to effective treatments and prevention tips.

Fighting Cancer in America

In 2018, over 2.7 million people in the US were diagnosed with cancer. Join George Ingram and Oncologist Dr. Lorraine Marin as they discuss the most common types of cancer, available treatments, and recommended preventative measures.

Social Determinants of Health Care

Research shows that 90% of healthcare costs are related to social determinants, such as where you live and your income level. Join George Ingram as he interviews Nicole Lipari, Licensed Master Social Worker, and Tiffany LaCroix, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, to learn more about the barriers to obtaining healthcare and the resources available at local community levels.

Disparities in Health Care

Approximately 50% of the U.S. population represent minorities, yet less than 10% of primary care physicians are non-white Caucasians. Join George Ingram and Dr. Noel C. Brown as they explore the impact of this disparity and what can be done to increase awareness.

Homelessness & Behavioral Health

NYC has the highest homeless population in the country at 76,000 while Long Island has over 3,800 homeless. Of this population, approximately 20% suffer from mental illness and 50% suffer from substance abuse issues. Learn the causes and potential solutions as they are discussed by host George Ingram and Karen LeClaire, Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

America’s Fight Against HIV

Over 500,000 people between the ages of 13 to 75 have died of AIDS, with over 1MM infected today in the United States. Join George Ingram and Dr. Joseph S. Cervia, MD, HIV Specialist, in their discussion of the history, causes, treatment, and prevention of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Explaining American Pharmaceutical Costs

Learn why the cost of pharmaceuticals are much higher in the United States. George Ingram and Lisa Boodram, Pharm. D., Clinical Pharmacist discuss Pharmacy Benefit Management companies, pricing regulations of drug manufacturers, drug costs in other first world countries, and more.

Explaining American Healthcare Costs

Join George Ingram and Dr. Neeta Shah as they address the rising costs associated with technology, pharmacy, obesity, increased life expectancy, healthcare legislation and more.